Death Awaits

Listenable Records

Street: 05.07

Tormented = Grave + Entombed + Dismember

Hey, this is almost like Entombed never flip-flopped on their style. Tormented help the old-school Swedish death metal remain alive along with their own rusted twists and nasty riffs. Tormented sound like they’ve soiled their knickers once over—this is seriously dirty. The grizzly-bear-shredding bone tone on Death Awaits alone is something to make the record to stand out—bring in some vocals that you can hear what the screamer is screaming and it’s deathy nasty fun. Death Awaits is a healthy mix of the old school peppered with punk-ittudes and beefy-low-end, bass-driven tracks. All in all, it’s a nice offering of rusty nails to shove under your fingernails. It may sound familiar, but why re-invent the wheel when the wheel is doing just fine. -Bryer Wharton