Review: Totally Mild – Down Time

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Totally Mild

Totally Mild
Down Time

Bedroom Suck
Street: 06.17
Totally Mild = Mac DeMarco + Tennis

I don’t know how self-aware Totally Mild is being with their band name. Whether they’re aware that generally reverb-y, chill, surf rock can degenerate into mildness remains unclear. If they are, it’s rather ironic, because this poppy, surfy album doesn’t feel sleepy in the least. It may be that 2013’s Castanet was a stripped down, production whose melodic, dreamy values are dosed heavily into this release. The jangly riffs feel more moody (like in “Nights”), and Elizabeth Mitchell’s sweet voice carries a twee glamour reminiscent of Melody’s Echo Chamber. This album is fresh and interesting, pretty and lovely to listen to. It has me contentedly anticipating more. –Erin Moore