Keep The Faith
Rebel Sound Records!
Street: 12.05.13
Toughskins = Booze & Glory + The Lancasters + The 4-Skins
Toughskins have been around since the ’90s and they’re a great example of an old-fashioned, boots and braces, Oi! punk group. Comparing this album to their older stuff, it holds up well. The bass work is insane, walking all over the fret board. The shrieking guitars violate your eardrums in all the best ways. The first track deserves most of your attention, “Too Young to Care”—these guys may be older, but they still convey the angst of youth. The last song, “Crack Some Skulls,” starts out great as something that will leave people leaking fluid in the pit. However, it ends in a chant that lasts just a bit too long for my taste. If you’re looking for something to drive fast to or chug beer to, this is your album. –Alex Cragun