In This Mess 
Fat Wreck Chords
Street: 01.27
ToyGuitar = The Strokes + The Killers 

ToyGuitar features One Man Army veterans Jack Dalrymple and Brandon Pollack and Miles Peck of Swingin’ Utters fame. So pay attention and let’s kick-start this review by licking your finger wet in the most provocative of ways, then slide it into an electrical socket for some full-on, charged garage–punk rock n’ roll action. Providing you are still with us, dig that the following tracks are why this album is worth your time. Start your dose of explosive brilliance with “Human Hyenas,” then jump up, down and around with “In This Mess.” Are you still here? Good. Knock the rest out with “Static Attraction” and close this ride with “Let’s Talk in the Shower.” If you’re not done, then add “Silver of Sun” to your expanding palate. Now wet that other finger and repeat the cycle of an electrifying pleasure—this is rock n’ roll, darling. –Nick Kuzmack