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Review: Tree Blood – I Am A Disgusting Pig

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Tree-Blood-I-Am-Disgusting-Pig album coverTree Blood
I Am A Disgusting Pig

Forged Artifacts
Street: 04.07
Tree Blood = Thee Oh Sees / Japandroids

When I first got this album, I wasn’t thrilled by it. Tree Blood is middle-of-the-road band, landing somewhere between Title Fight and Tera Melos. They can call themselves noise punk for sure, but they have an American Football, pop-punk quality that didn’t sit too well for me, at first. However, after a few more listens, I got it. They’re not quite noise punk—they’re more grunge. The vocals are snotty (like a light-Darby), but the guitars are straight-up Mclusky—everyone gets something out of this group. I’m particularly fond of “Shame” and “Wait and See,” they remind me that at one point grunge was, good. Pick it up, but don’t expect Pearl Jam, instead, think of Mudhoney. –Alex Cragun