Necronomic Warfare
Unspeakable Axe Records
Street: 02.18
Trenchrot = Denial Fiend + Ghoul + Obituary
Add another mediocre (at best) death metal album to the burning pits of hell with Trenchrot’s debut Necronomic Warfare. The Philly crew attempts to take on OSDM, which is fine when there are oh so many bands playing the old-school death metal style. The problem with Trenchrot is, for the main part, redundancy—and they present nothing very interesting or mentally appealing. The guys also bust out a lot of hardcore/punk influence and it’s actually a bit much—there are times when the album sounds almost upbeat. There are also quite a few puzzle pieces jammed into the wrong spaces in the way of highly melodic guitar solos that last way too long at times. It’s almost as if the band can’t figure out how to nail a death metal guitar solo. Some folks may dig the many decent riffs and the band’s attempt at old-school, but I’m gonna take a pass on this one.
–Bryer Wharton