Lost Reworks

In My Room Records

Street: 09.01

Trentemøller =
Blonde Redhead +
T.O.M. And His Computer + Depeche Mode

Every once in a while, a song comes along that one could hear over and over for weeks and still find new things to enjoy about it. The Trentemøller remix of “Come Undone” has this capability. The sorrowful, sultry female vocals pulled on my heartstrings while the harmonious keys and sexy bass carried me away into audial bliss. I admire how he is not afraid to alter his work on “River of Life.” The higher BPMs in the original provide energy for the track, but I prefer the newer, softer, slower version. As with most of Trentemøller’s recent releases, I was not disappointed by these lost revisions. This migration to more of an electronic sound will most definitely secure him a place in my favorites of 2014. I would pick up the original lost release as well as the Lost Reworks—both will blow you away. –Mistress Nancy