Start Our Revenge
Everydayhate Records
Street: 09.21
Trigger = Magrudergrind + Man is the Bastard + Napalm Death

Bass, drums, vocals—that’s it. This is one of the most stripped-down formations you can have for a band, and it can work. Man is the Bastard, Death From Above 1979 and even Spinal Tap made the absence of six strings work for them. This information is key to placing Trigger, as I didn’t pick up on this until later spins of the album, attributing the thin distorted guitar sound to poor recording as opposed to distortion on a bass. Making this distinction helps with understanding Trigger, but not necessarily enjoying them. The first four or five songs bleed into one another to create a five-minute long blastbeat explosion, which could be taxing even for the most ardent grind fan. Start Our Revenge’s 20 tracks are fast and tight, but unfortunately become challenging for the wrong reasons. Grind aficionados may find something here, but dabblers will find more elsewhere. –Peter Fryer