Review: Twin Ponies – Friendly Pet Mass Graves

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Twin Ponies
Friendly Pet Mass Graves

Street: 07.17
Twin Ponies = Enemies + This Town Needs Guns

Twin Ponies have found a permanent place on my iPod with their most recent EP release. Before long, they might find that same permanent place on my “most played” playlist. With some of the best synthesized bass sounds I’ve heard to date, drifting guitar lines and reverb-heavy vocals, I have a hard time stopping myself from listening to Friendly Pet Mass Graves on repeat all day.  Every song is a hit, so each time I reach the end of the last—and my favorite—song, “Griff,” I am left helplessly wanting more. Tune in for a surfy, riff-heavy, rock-solid release that delivers on every aspect of successful rock. While at first I didn’t think I’d like vocals in the heavy instrumental mix, I felt that Wayne Jones completely demolished that attitude by the end of the first track. –Alex Blackburn