Two Cow Garage
The Death of the Self
Preservation Society
Last Chance Records
Street: 09.10
TCG = Rancid + Mike McColgan–era Dropkick Murphys + The Mighty Mighty Bosstones – ska
According to TCG bassist Micah Schnabel, recording their album in a barn-turned-studio in Eden, N.Y. was ideal, as they were isolated from everyday life, therefore putting all of their attention in their music. Ironically, they’ve managed to compile an album full of songs about everyday life. With songs like “My Friend Adam” and the title track, they give a disparaging view on modern life and how society is going to shit. The whole album’s forte is their cynical yet often poetic lyrics. “Mantle in ’56” is a slower, blues-based ballad in which Schnabel compares his life to that of the New York Yankees’ most valuable player circa 1956, Mickey Mantle. “Hey Cinderella” is kind of a more positive song in a sea of cynicism, telling how the underdog eventually prevails. I enjoyed this album—it’s very upbeat and has that classic ’90s punk rock sound in it. –Eric U. Norris