Two Hours Traffic
Foolish Blood
Bumstead Records
Street: 02.19
Two Hours Traffic = Rooney + Superdrag + The New Electric Sound
On this fourth album from Canada’s Two Hours Traffic, it’s safe to say they’ve taken their ability to create breezy and catchy pop-rock to the next level. Each song on the album has the almost frustrating power to inspire head bobbing and/or toe tapping in the listener. On Foolish Blood, Two Hours Traffic worked with producer Darryl Neudorf, whose experience includes The New Pornographers, and other bands who specialize in catchiness. Neudorf has managed to bring Liam Corcoran’s crisp vocals to the forefront, as well as highlight Andrew MacDonald’s sharp guitar chords. Though the album excels at providing a catchy pop-rock soundtrack for any trip to the beach, at times the songs sound so similar that they tend to blend into one another. Overall, it’s a solid album with music that is perfect for the upcoming summer season. –Alex Springer