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Review: Ty Segall – Sleeper

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Ty Segall


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Street: 08.20

Ty Segall = Psychic Ills + White Fence

Picture yourself stranded in a desert. You’re dying of thirst and constantly bearing fierce, blowing sand all around you. This is what I feel like when I listen to Sleeper. There’s something glorious about the struggle, but it’s more draining than anything (hence the album’s name). The unceasing energy and “up yours” attitude for which I’ve come to love Ty Segall is not what this album’s about.

What I’ve found instead is a more mature Segall, basically the man and his real problems behind the usual curtain of fuzz and shouting. Yes, it’s like an unplugged session with a touch of western, which has been a common touch among rockers in the psychedelic arena this year. I can’t say I love listening to it, for its lack of vigor, but it’s proof that Segall’s more than just a snotty garage rocker. –Justin Gallegos