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Review: Tyler Newman – Zonekiller (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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Tyler Newman

Zonekiller (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Solid Grey Sky Recordings

Street: 09.27.13

Tyler Newman = Amon Tobin + 65daysofstatic

A dystopian, post-apocalyptic world as envisioned by the 1980s would come close to describing Tyler Newman’s album Zonekiller. The newest release in Newman’s massive catalog, this is a completed soundtrack for an upcoming film of the same name. The uneasy synth sounds are enhanced by the careful use of percussion and create an atmosphere of impending doom while still leaving a glimmer of hope.

Zonekiller had me wondering what awful fate would befall the characters of this film. As I contemplate a robot apocalypse or a tyrannical future controlled by a mindless government, I take with me a soundtrack that gives life to these ideas. If you enjoy ’80s-infused dark electro comparable to the Quake soundtrack, I highly recommend this album. –Seeth McGavien