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Uniform-Perfect-World album coverUniform
Perfect World

Street: 06.09
Uniform = Pharmakon + Zulus

You wake up in a scrapheap, your body caked in filth. You roll over to finish your last can of Purina, then start the trek for the distant city. You pop in your aged ear buds and tap play—pulsing synthetic tones into your vestigial ears. The closer you get to the city, the more the soundtrack picks up pace and intensity, it yells guttural nonsense and vile aggression. This is how you survive the end—listening to the hypnotic hate blistering from Uniform. Distant guitars and trash can rhythm will be there for you when you eat Fido, when you sip from rain gutters, as you watch yourself become a jaundiced husk of a human animal. Songs like “Footnote” and “Lost Causes” putrefy the mind with industrial hexes and virulent fever thrumming. Life is now impossible—but Perfect World salves the insanity. –Alex Cragun