Various Artists
Kitsuné America 2
Kitsuné Records
Street: 04.30
Kitsuné = Now! That’s What I Call Music + The xx + Major Lazer + Paramore
Kitsuné has put together another album of electro pop, indie and R&B tracks from around America, which complement one another in a relaxed but well-paced album. The first song on the album, “So High” by Ghost Loft, has a slow electronic beat and almost ghost-like vocals. Although the songs on the album vary, they’re similar in a way that allows for a fan of one genre to appreciate another due to their similar pacing. The song “Casa Rosa” by Malandro is an electronic disco-style song that gives the album a comedic flare with its repetitive lyric of “Get on the floor if you got that booty.” Meanwhile, “Put Me To Work,” by Papa, is an indie rock song with smooth male vocals. The album in its entirety was well-put-together, and is a great successor to Kitsuné America 1