Review: ¡Vamos! – Spiderbait

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Vamos – Spiderbait


Maximum Pelt
Street: 07.22
¡Vamos! = The Muffs + Ty Segall

Spiderbait borders on garage-type punk and a punchy-yet-swampy psychedelic sound while also echoing the ’90s era of alternative indie rock. It’s safe to say that it’s consistently uptempo and an album one can move to, but to get there, skip through “Pulling My Life Together (Always)” and “Schizo Bonito.” The third track, “Bad Hook,” suggests that there is indeed potential for some solid, energetic, punk-styled rock n’ roll to be had here, and possibly even something interesting. The top numbers here are “Jaded 86,” “Demon” and “Feelmonger.” However, even though Spiderbait has the capacity to be an engaging listen, I must confess that this album is not quite what I’d call an earth-shattering contribution to its genre. If you give Spiderbait a spin, you’ll quickly get the idea. So maybe take a gander and then move along. –Nick Kuzmack