Van Kaye + Ignit
A Slight Delay
Dark Entries
Street: 02.24
Van Kaye + Ignit = Crash Course in Science + Nina Hagen
This duo’s music would have fit right in at Some Bizzare Records or in the film Liquid Sky. A Slight Delay is full of everything good about synth punk/no wave from the ’80s. It has now been re-released by the label Dark Entries on a double 12” LP set, and is a compilation of different releases that Van Kaye + Ignit self-released in the early ‘80s. Both members, Ed Van Kasteren and Ignatine Bekken, go back and forth with their vocals, which keeps the sound fresh and alive throughout the mix with old analog keyboards and electronic drums. For those that need a nostalgic blast to the past, this is the perfect record to listen to from a lost, bygone era. –Mort Kilgore