Vardan – Between The Fog and Shadows

Review: Vardan – Between The Fog and Shadows

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Between The Fog and Shadows

Moribund Records
Street: 08.21.15
Vardan = Alrakis + Kanashimi x Burzum

Between the Fog and Shadows clocks in at roughly 45 minutes and 10 seconds, but contains only three songs, each with a distinct story to tell. The album steadily rocks along through a liminal space between DSBM and straight-up black metal, but there’s a transcendental evil lurking behind the basic drumbeats and simple but provocative guitar work. The riffs transition so well, I barely realize that they change due to the hypnotic state the music invokes. Rhythmic, new-wave keyboards add to the depression and intrigue. I wish I had Vardan (the name of the guy who does everything) in my contact list on my phone. “Vardan? Yeah, it’s me again. Nice job on the third full -length this year … How do you keep it so fresh?” Then we’d play Mega Man X2 and he’d summon Belial or some shit while drinking blood from a squealing animal and/or human (preferably both … simultaneously). –Alex Coulombe