The Night, The Loneliness
Moribund Records
Street: 02.17
Vardan = Black Cilice + Burzum + Xasthur

I love how convenient it is that the sole member of Vardan goes by the same name as the project he runs. It keeps things simple when talking about the band, and I don’t have to see my friends salivating at the chance to correct me like when I accidentally refer to Varg Vikernes as Burzum. This is black metal that registers a 10 on the depressive scale (this fictional scale, it should be noted, maxes out at 10). Most of the album mopes along at slow-to-mid-paces with melancholic, minimal new wave-y keyboards sprinkled about in modest doses. The resonating vocals sound like somebody is being tortured with rusty pliers in a large concrete room and complements the agony conveyed in the music nicely. I really like how The Night, The Loneliness can be somewhat “pretty” and depressive without venturing into wimpy territory. I’m going to go ahead and say that this kicks ass. –Alex Coulombe