Various Artists
Persuasive Experimentations Vol. 1
Roach Clip Records
Street: 10.05.13
Persuasive Experimentations Vol. 1 = (N-Type + Merzbow) x Aphex Twin
Gritty and grimy and full of noxious muck, Roach Clip Records has compiled an array of industrial sludge that’s worth filling your ears with. This album is an experimental expression of noise, drum n’ bass, dub and industrial sounds. Now, I’m not the world’s biggest noise music enthusiast, but I do love a classic, dirty dub track. Mick Harris’ Raptor D7 mix of Little Sap Dungeon’s “A Dinner Guest” was one such slimy track that really sucked me in, as was Durandal’s “Mothers Nightmare.” There’s definitely some freaky shit on this album, and I really appreciate that. Somehow, this album is able to successfully craft something that is both ambient and chaotic. Satan knows the world needs more weirdness, and this evil piece of work channels that in the best of ways. Put on this album and enjoy yourself one hell of a dark trip. –Kamryn Feigel