Review: Vertical Slump – Ruined Value

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Vertical Slump – Ruined Value

Vertical Slump
Ruined Value

Street: 10.02
Vertical Slump = Joy Division + Wire

With the screeching sounds and pounding drums of the first track, I recalled Joy Division’s “Atrocity Exhibition,” but in a matter of seconds, Vertical Slump quickly established their own sound with my favorite song of the album. Alternating between a post-punk–esque verse and upbeat chorus, “Tether” has been stuck in my head for a week. The following tracks hit hard with more of that post-punk feel, droning vocals and abrupt song endings that create excitement for the next tune. Despite the album’s four short tracks, Ruined Value does what some albums can’t do in 10 tracks: leave the listener wanting more! Take my word and get this album—it’s that simple. –Dylan Evans