Complete Strangers 
Easy Sound
Street: 03.24
Vetiver = Devendra Banhart + Phosphorescent + Beach House 

Brisk guitar riffs, breezy drumbeats and blasé harmonies weave together seamlessly on this album to create some of Vetiver’s most cohesive and pleasant music to date. As Vetiver’s sixth studio album, Complete Strangers, flows effortlessly from one rhythmic track to the next and rarely stops to take a breather (not that it’s needed). Understated electronic beats and airless vocals comprise the opening track, “Stranger Still,” and beachy, fleshed-out guitar tunes work effortlessly to create one of my favorite tracks on the entire album, “Current Carry.” I fell in love with this album after listening to it once and found that it neither waned nor grew repetitive after its third, fourth and fifth rotation. Suitable for listening to with the windows down on any lazy afternoon, this is without a doubt one of the most irresistible records I’ve heard this year. –Kristyn Porter