Victory is Music

Reserva Records
Street: 04.23

Victory =  Spoon  + OK Go / 2

Robert Fleming is the multi-instrumentalist behind Victory. He touts a ’60s Brit rock sensibility and sports a rockabilly pomptwo promising signs for any music reviewer. Sadly, Victory is Music is indicative of neither. Don’t get me wrong, Fleming could pass as an authentic Britt Daniel sound-alike and can strum a hollow-body exceptionally, but it’s hard to notice at first since every single song on the album is scrubbed and drenched with kitschy production. If “Straight Line” dropped the gratuitous reverb and arena-style chorus filters, it’d sound like a decent bar rock song instead of a yuppie texture for a Kia car commercial. The folkish “Dirty Jeans” is the only track with respectable weight, but it’s only a 30 second coda. Give this album a listen if you’re into Hollywood rom-com anthems. Otherwise, it probably won’t be premature for Victory to leak some basement demos this early in his career. –Gregory Gerulat