Treasure House EP
Street: 04.29
Videoing = Animal Collective + Le Tigre / Blondie

Opening with noise guitars and heavy beats, Videoing sucker-punch you with this five-song EP in a wave of electro-industrial sound and don’t let you up until the very end. The opening track, “Under Water,” gives us a brilliantly pseudo-sultry dance song in which lead singer Jen Bradley effectively redefines ‘80s female electro-rock for the post-millennial era with each effect-laden layer. “The Fence” is poppy enough to make it to mainstream media­—its simple, catchy lyrics sound as if Bradley is telepathically channeling Debbie Harry. On the last song, “Audrey Horne,” things finally slow down into a sexy ballad accented with piano and more noisy guitars, highlighted by Bradley’s swoony, lower register vocals. While I’m disappointed that this is only an EP and not a full-length album, I’m content to listen to this repetitively until I can get my hands on their next album. –Allison Shephard