Viet Cong
Street: 01.20
Viet Cong = The Black Angels + Red Krayola – Blue Cheer
The Viet Cong were the guerrilla branch of the North Vietnamese fighting forces in the Vietnam War, as opposed to the Viet Minh regulars (there’s actually a band named after them as well—a Black Angels side project), and this musical unit is fighting (the band’s predecessor, Women, broke up after a fight on stage!) the psychic wars of psychedelia in their third year. It’s psych music filtered through a punk/industrial sensibility of somebody like Throbbing Gristle. “Bunker Buster” takes post-rock psych noise into the age of the smart bomb. Viet Cong are one of the most challenging and inventive indie bands to emerge in the last few years! –Stakerized!