Violent Hammer
More Victims
Street: 01.21

Violent Hammer = Archgoat + Blasphemy + Darkthrone

Them Finns sure know how to make raw, coming-at-ya-with-no-brakes noise that gives me that elusive “hurts-so-good” feeling (see also: Beherit, Satanic Warmaster, Impaled Nazarene, etc). Violent Hammer continues this glorious Finnish legacy with their new brutal and bestial demo. Tracks about war and annihilation perfectly complement the grisly production and ferocity of the music, which blows apart any genre boundaries except for “extreme,” “fast” and “hateful.” The riffs are primal and somewhat simple and the drumming isn’t mind-blowing, but the speed at which it all comes together makes it awesome, intense and impressive. Amid all the chaos, you can hear all the instruments pretty clearly if you strain your hearing slightly, which is an added bonus.
When the last track ends your ears will be ringing like your cellphone when you don’t bother to show up for work—a small price to pay for the enjoyment you’ll get from the listen. I’m doooooown! –Alex Coulombe