Violent Reaction
Marching On
Revelation Records
Street: 03.31
Violent Reaction = Negative Approach + Agnostic Front + Blitz
Of any current hardcore band, Violent Reaction have the potential to break out from the pack. With interest in 1980s hardcore popping up all around, including high profile articles in reputable publications, Violent Reaction will soothe the itch for a current band that sounds like they time-warped here from 30 years ago. Part Negative Approach, part U.K. street punk with a healthy amount of NYHC, you know exactly what you’re getting into. The playing is tight, the vocals appropriately angry and the tempo fast, but Marching On plays out as something entirely too familiar. If you want a current band playing songs that sound like old hardcore bands you liked, this is for you. But this is also the issue with Marching On. Progression isn’t essential, but investment by the listener is, and Marching On holds on too tightly to the past to create staying power. –Peter Fryer