Codex Perfida
Iron Bonehead
Street: 12.22.14
Vircolac = The Ruins of Beverast + Primordial + Arcane Sun

Here we have another sweet little demo from an at-the-moment-pretty-unknown band, once again from the German Iron Bonehead label. Before I gush about Vircolac, I have to say that I absolutely love the fact that the label officially releases bands’ demos for more mass consumption. Consume and repeat is what you will want to do with this multiple-subgenre-tackling Irish band. They execute black, death and doom metal quite well, pumping out the atmosphere of dread heavily, with an equally dark and aggressive nature—all presented in a humble set of four songs (more like three: The first is an intro track). This band’s way of transitioning from gloomy, almost epic death/doom (at times) to blazing, gritty blackened styles does exactly what a demo should do—leave the listener wanting more. –Bryer Wharton