Virginia Wing
Red Sails
Critical Heights
Street: 07.02
Virginia Wing = Beach House + Hospitality
This 7” features two great little indie pop tunes from the English group Virginia Wing. Formed just over a year ago, the band is still flying under the radar at the moment, but this short 7” definitely leaves your ears wanting more songs. Their first single is called “Red Sails,” and it features more of a dream-pop sound, with echoing guitars and keyboards. The coy vocals of Alice Merida Richards also blend perfectly with the band’s sound, creating a truly mellow vibe. The B-side, “Creation,” begins sort of where “Red Sails” left off, until a fuzzed-out guitar kicks in aggressively and Samuel Pillay takes over on vocals. Even though the band’s sound takes on more of a psychedelic essence on “Creation,” they pull it off very well, and then, unfortunately, it abruptly ends before you want it to. –Jory Carroll