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Review: VNV Nation – Transnational

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VNV Nation


Anachron Sounds

Street: 10.15.13

VNV Nation = Bruderschaft + Angels and Agony + Imperative Reaction

Remaining true to their sound, VNV Nation have stuck with their trendy, almost mainstream, future pop style that created their popularity. If you put this release on shuffle with their last three albums, you would only slightly be able to distinguish the new songs from the old. The vocals sound the same—the only difference is the lyrics. There is little variance in the beats.

I do see artistic progression in the instrumental “Aeroscope,” with its escalating four-on-the-floor beat. I also love the thrill of the hunt with the story of “‘Retaliate”—it shows a bit more aggression than what we have become accustomed to. This release is compacted with meditative, upbeat, inspiring lyrics you can connect to personally. If you are one who truly loves their older sound, you will enjoy this one. –Mistress Nancy