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Review: Vows – Soon Enough Love

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vows coverVows
Soon Enough Love

Section Sign Records
Street: 06.02
Vows = Tame Impala / MGMT

Soon Enough Love is a producer’s record, which is to say it sounds too perfect. Nothing ever feels purely natural. Rather, the album feels over-produced, which isn’t the same on Vows’ past albums. There’s a minimal tone to their earlier efforts, and their sentiment comes through much more clearly with fewer  pitch shifts and guitar overlays. Here it feels like they’re trying really hard for a specific feeling, and for me, it falls flat. Surprisingly, I can put this album on as background noise without a problem because it’s catchy from a distance. It sounds like a guitar band living in the sunny ’70s, but when I listen closely, I hear more manipulation of psychedelic elements than I hear actual heart. I know, I’m the heartless one, but there’s just too many bands crafting this sound and actually coming off authentically for me to spend my time on Vows’ new one. –Justin Gallegos