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Review: Warm Soda – Symbolic Dream

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Warm Soda coverWarm Soda
Symbolic Dream

Castle Face Records
Street: 05.04
Warm Soda = Shannon and the Clams + The Strokes

Understand that Warm Soda ain’t no teeny-bopper digs—no, ma’am. This is bubblegum for the hopeless-romantic 20-somethings who still go absurdly red in the face when that special someone walks through their door. Don’t let the lukewarm name fool you into thinking it’s some sort of tooth-rotting, sugary complacency. Warm Soda deliver solid bubblegum power pop with superb panache. It’s infectiously catchy, upbeat and has well put-together lyrics that are meant to be the narrative for falling in adolescent love. The tracks “I Wanna Know Her” and “Will You Be There For Me Tonite” really set the tone for this album. Shake it up, crack this open and give it a spin. –Nick Kuzmack