Review: Weird Owl – Interstellar Skeletal

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Weird Owl

Weird Owl
Interstellar Skeletal

‘a’ Records
Street: 05.25
Weird Owl = Quest for Fire + Mondo Drag

The Brooklyn-based psych band Weird Owl explore the sounds of psychedelia in the realm of the digital age with their first full-length album in four years. With their slow, spaced-out playing style, Weird Owl create the patient immenseness that’s reminiscent of the late ’70s and ’80s fascination of space and technology. Tracks like “Split from the Sun” and “Fine Vibrations” create wide landscapes of droning bass and primitive synthesizers. However, these tracks are prone to suddenly diving into heavy riffs that inject energy and purpose back into their weightless soundscapes. Other tracks like “God” and “Flying Fortress” are groovy and tend to provoke shoulder-shrugging sways. This record is a nice change of scenery, if you’re in the mood for a cosmic comedown. –Nic Smith