Western Star – Fireball

Review: Western Star – Fireball

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Western Star

Street: 11.20
Western Star = Old 97’s + Pointed Sticks

Like any recording that promises rock n’ roll’s word of revelation, my hopes rose when I heard fast riffs, hard drum beats and the passion in angsty vocals. That is, until I recognized Fireball’s need for a message that both rings true and is unique. There’s no doubt in my mind of Western Star’s ability to deliver a stunning barrage of hard, Western rock n’ roll, as exhibited by “Fireball” and “Ghostchaser.” The thing is, I’ve just gotten too comfortable with this kind of delivery. If I see them live, I say bring on the noise, but I’m not sure that I can do that for Fireball because it just doesn’t provoke enough of a reaction nor placate my need for satisfaction. –Nick Kuzmack