Wet Hair

Spill Into Atmosphere

De Stijl Records

Street: 06.05.12

Wet Hair = Abe Vigoda + Mode Moderne

Wet Hair is the project of Night-People Records founder Shawn Reed, who has been a quiet but influential independent label maker for a decade. Wet Hair has shared releases with Naked on the Vague and Peaking Lights, toured with Zola Jesus, and Spill Into Atmosphere is their second full-length album. There’s a lot of Joy Division in here—Justin Thye’s chugging bass lines drive the songs, over which Reed sings like a mentally healthy Ian Curtis. The keyboards are more uplifting though—they lend a happier balance to Reed’s post-punk crooning. If the boys of Joy Division had moved to Ibiza 15 years earlier, perhaps this is what they’d sound like. –Christian Schultz