White Fence
Cyclops Reap
Street: 04.04
White Fence = Bob Dylan x Fruit Bats / The Velvet Underground
Lou Reed and his bunch made noise-rock famous in the late 60s with their first album. Their second release, Loaded, was full of sunny melodies, excluding the raucous white noise. The man behind White Fence, Tim Presley, has created an album that plays like a fusion of the aforementioned albums, with a little “Crimson and Clover” and a hint of Western. It’s a listening gallery featuring everything from the morphed dog barks at the end of “Beat,” to the shrieking fuzz that reigns on “Pink Gorilla.” Every time I start the album over I’m sucked in by the amp distortion that cuts quickly into guitar licks baked in white noise. Presley proves that basic rock and roll can still be fun and remain highly experimental. All you have to do is invite your inner psychedelic cowboy to the rodeo and offer him some acid to enjoy the show. –Justin Gallegos