Sad Cactus Records
Street: 05.19
Whitewash = Piper at the Gates of Dawn–era Pink Floyd – Radiohead

Whitewash provide a drawling psychedelic soundspace akin to plenty of shag-carpeted groups that buzzed through the ’60s and ’70s. Though, they seem to have trouble finding the line between catchy and listenable, and stoned and droning. This tape (a cassette, how quaint) starts off dynamic, interesting and grandiose (“Hunger Strike”), but peters out almost immediately and left me with tracks that are lazy and forgettable (“Neon Loveseat” and “Saudade”). Upon first listen, there were a few times I forgot that music was playing, and a few times, I had to start tracks over because I couldn’t focus on the wandering guitar lines or dull vocals. I do appreciate where they’re coming from—I definitely had my days with a bong in hand—but this album seems like it’s either for the naturally melancholy or those fucked into space by downers and laughing gas. I just couldn’t find much to like here. –CJ Morgan