Will Butler
Merge Records
Street: 03.10
Will Butler = David Bowie + Arcade Fire + Wolf Parade
Policy is a poppy, straightforward album that could easily pass as a B-sides album from Arcade Fire’s 2013 release, Reflektor. For the most part, this album comprises generic guitar melodies and uninteresting (albeit semi-catchy) piano ballads offset by Butler’s larger-than-life vocals. This album was recorded in about a week, which is certainly noticeable in the flat, average songwriting that encompasses the majority of the album. Butler has been one of the central musicians in The Arcade Fire for the past decade and is, without question, a talented multi-instrumentalist; unfortunately, none of this materializes on Policy. Self-conscious, overly poppy and just plain generic, Policy is an album that might churn out a few radio hits but ultimately offers nothing fresh, honest or overly interesting. –Kristyn Porter