Will Dailey
National Throat
Wheelkick Records
Street: 08.26
Will Dailey = Dry the River + Young Rebel Set + Inlet Sound

Summer road trip music gets a kick in the pants with Will Dailey’s National Throat. The album’s name comes from a John Philip Sousa essay and is protest to the mechanical happenings of music. With prerecorded and remixed everything lately, Will Dailey hopes to shed some light on the subject with natural crooning and the soft organic beats of this recent album. After parting ways with his last recording company, Daily intends to broaden his sound and fan base with a more open presentation, essentially increasing his range musically and in appeal. This comes across in the album’s flow and feels like a roller coaster of emotional ups and downs. The eclectic nature of the album does not break any new ground but for some people that will be a welcome exploit. Fans of traditional straightforward rock will appreciate this endeavor and long highways have an effective soundtrack, regardless of what turns lay ahead. –Benjamin Tilton