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Review: Will Sprott – Vortex Numbers

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Will Sprott – Vortex Numbers

Will Sprott
Vortex Numbers

Hairdo Records
Street: 01.20
Will Sprott = Kurt Vile + La Luz

This right here is the stuff to groove to. Vortex Numbers is a brilliant mix of surfy rock n’ roll that combines a style somewhat reminiscent of a country western sound but maintains a calm and cool presence. It’s charming and perfect in its projection of a relaxing composure. All one really needs for the full enjoyment of Vortex Numbers is a cup of hot chocolate or tea, a fall day, a good pair of speakers and the ability to put one’s feet up. Kickstart your evening right, and if you have to start somewhere, dig “Psychic Lady.” After that, if you’re not hooked on the beauty here, I’d recommend having some time for some serious introspection while also listening to the rest of the album—it’s good for that too. Enjoy. –Nick Kuzmack