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Review: William Fitzsimmons – Lions

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William Fitzsimmons



Street: 02.18

William Fitzsimmons = Iron & Wine + Elliott Smith

Musically minimal and delicate, juxtaposed with dense lyrics, William Fitzsimmons manages to create an album that is both contemplative and intense without being dull or impenetrable. It is clean without being overproduced, emotional without being cliché and is personal while still being relatable.

The remarkable thing about this album is that it unintentionally transcends auditory boundaries by presenting itself as an entire sensory experience, not specific to just listening. With tracks like “Brandon” (which reflects on a bullied youth), “Took” and “Hold On,” Fitzsimmons uses soft instrumentation and vocals to balance the darker thematic elements present. This makes a perfectly blended album that is decisively the most human thing I’ve listened to in a long time. –Allison Shephard