Relapse Records
Street: 09.17
Windhand = Electric Wizard + The Wounded Kings
Dorthia Cottrell’s sibylline vocals infuse a fuzzy haze of ominous psychedelia to the heavy riffs on Windhand’s newest album. Soma echoes the smoke-wreathed incantations of Electric Wizard with their heavy, powerful riffing and foreboding atmosphere. However, Windhand tones down the grooviness of the British black wizards, aiming instead for something closer to a traditional doom sound. “Orchard” and “Woodbine” stand out as exceptional tracks on Soma, but the 30-minute “Boleskin” definitely outstays its welcome by dwelling overlong in the realm of repetitive, hypnotic riffing. If you’re in the mood for some mesmerizing darkness, Soma can take you there. –Henry Glasheen