Withered Hand

New Gods

Slumberland Records

Street: 03.10

Withered Hand = Rogue Wave + Sea Wolf + Kurt Vile

New Gods is the second release from the Edinburgh-based Withered Hand. Dan Willson brings his folk-rock ness to the table once again, and this time, it’s all about the love. Willson himself referred to it as “Not romantic love or sexual love. The other stuff.” The first single from the album is “Horseshoe,” and it also opens the album, setting the tone for things to come. The album is surrounded by themes of love and loss, but don’t let that fool you—this album is catchy, upbeat when it needs to be, and will draw enthusiastic crowds to this performer’s already strong live shows. New Gods plays strongly as a complete album, and one song gently walks you to the next. By the same logic, nothing stands out either and just short of your dog dying, I would not suggest it to anyone with a smile on their face. –Benjamin Tilton