Wolf People



Street: 04.30

Wolf People = Black Sabbath + Weird Owl + Loreena Mckennitt

Before you press play, grab your ganj (if that’s what you’re into). Heavy, psychedelia-infused blues are contrasted perfectly with warbling vocals, creating an alternate reality of dangerous, body-molding maestros. This is by far the cleanest and tightest rock album I have heard in the last two years. Inspired by one of Jack Sharp’s mind-bending dreams, the poetic lyrics lend to the ear and fashion a tale of half hallucination, half history (“Thief” details the experiences of historical highwaymen). Unique, ingenious drums intertwine with intricate bass lines and with simple, sometimes grinding, sometimes euphonious guitars overlaid, Fain toes the line overwhelming perfectly without tumbling over into the abyss. Each song progresses euphorically through layered vocal harmonies and often dulcet breakdowns (specifically on “Empty Vessels”) 

to close with finality, leaving you yearning for more. –LeAundra Jeffs