In the Beginning 
Lost Nation Records
Street: 02.26
Woodrowgerber = Moby / Blur 
Woodrowgerber (aka Chad Gerber) is an acquaintance you want to like—he’s sometimes charming, and occasionally has interesting things to say, but for whatever reason, you hate him. Gerber blends simple vocals with occasionally catchy guitar licks and electronics, touching on funk, blues and even some folk, though the combinations are rarely well-executed. Tracks like “You Don’t Know” have interesting electronic atmospheres that get interrupted by Gerber’s annoying voice that isn’t off-key, but bugs the shit out of me. His vocals sound best when they’re distorted by vocal effects on tracks like “In the Beginning,” which actually has some tasty guitar work and nice electro-beats and synth. Gerber’s weaknesses are the very simple and uninspired vocal melodies, which undercut the strong electronic sounds in which each song is clad. I’d rather he kept his mouth closed and let his dreamy, well-woven electric soundscapes do the talking. –CJ Morgan