Woodsman Orphan
My Name is Ishmael Ali
Obscure Me Records
Street: 04.20
Woodsman Orphan = Buffalo Springfield + Jason Lytle 
The odds are against you as a singer if you attempt to pull off the Neil Young signature whine-and-pine style of vocalizing. Of course, Woodsman Orphan have indeed listed Mr. Young as one of their influences—furthermore, they deserve to. Whereas many Young vocal mimickers fall short and ultimately end up sounding like overly timid Beat poets who’ve been kicked in the groin, Woodsman Orphan replicate early folk rock formulas and signifiers near perfectly. If I were to listen to a song like “Head” without prior knowledge, I would instantly assume it was mixed and produced before I was even born. The album’s exuberant sound effects, lapsed with the bewitching pop harmonies, allow the tracks to leave your head just as cohesively as they originally entered. It won’t be long until Woodsman Orphan start appearing on avid folk fans’ recommendation rosters. –Gregory Gerulat