Album cover for The Blue Collar Recital by Wordsmith.

Review: Wordsmith – The Blue Collar Recital

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The Blue Collar Recital

NU Revolution

Street: 09.17

Wordsmith = Common + Atmosphere

This is perhaps the first hip hop concept album I’ve ever heard—each song is supposed to represent a moment in the day in the life a blue-collar American worker, from “It’s 5am Smell The Roses,” to “Traffic Jammin.” Rapping about working hard for not enough pay (“Living Life Check to Check”) and hustlin’ through an unfair world (“When Your Faith is Tested”), the relatability through lyrics is the foundation of The Blue Collar Recital.

Wordsmith’s optimistic, moral music is a refreshing change from the sex/drugs/power anthems we have come to expect from the hip hop industry. His flow is clean with simple drumbeats and keys, looped with soulful samples that bump the tracks to an almost gospel status. The “day in a life” approach makes The Blue Collar Recital personal and powerful without being over the top. –Kia McGinnis