Workman Song
Lamb EP
Street: 04.20
Workman Song = Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros + Bob Dylan
Workman Song is the cooler version of Alex Ebert from Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes. Workman Song establish a cool, distant electric sound—one that leaves you wondering if you’re tapping your foot to the folk-beat or the hypnotizing echo of Sean McMahon’s voice. Lamb is a six-track EP that exemplifies McMahon’s ability to rip chords and progressions like Bob Dylan and the like, incorporating the power of brass instruments in tracks like “Varmit” for a folky-electric edge. Vocally, McMahon mesmerizes with his main vocals and distant background vocals. He never lets his voice fade behind the strong musical sets. Sometimes, he even lets an entire track rely only on his voice and few instruments, like “Eden.” This is only McMahon’s second rodeo, as he released The Way, a full-length album, in 2013. If Lamb is an indication of where he’s headin’, we like it! –Lizz Corrigan