Anabatic Records
Street: 06.10
Worthy = Lee Burridge + Claude VonStroke + deep playa at Burning Man
As someone who has more recently jumped from the EDM bandwagon to the world of deep house, this album was instantly added to my growing playlist of funky jamz for any occasion. For his debut album, Worthy creates a wonderfully produced album full of spacey vibes and haunting techno beats that weave between the line of heavy, underground club records to chilled out, hypnotizing deep house and back. Highlights of the album include “Dark Bridges,” a funky techno- driven track with house elements, “Damm Fine” and the album’s opening and closing tracks, both titled “All Our Souls.” ’Tis the season of summer desert parties, and this album would be the perfect complement to something like Element 11, Project Space or Burning Man. –Julia Sachs