Wyrd Visions

Half-Eaten Guitar

P.W. Elverum & Sun

Street: 04.15

Wyrd Visions = Elliott Smith + The Mountain Goats

Half-Eaten Guitar is mostly Colin Bergh with an acoustic guitar making folk music with a few interesting variations, like the whistling on “Bog Lord.” It’s gritty and lo-fi: There are moments when you can hear him shuffling in his fold-up chair. It’s minimalistic and pretty soothing, actually, apart from the obnoxiously repetitive “Sigill”—we get it: It’s supposed to be ritualistic. NEXT!—oh yeah, and “Freezing Moon.” Were they really going to cover the black metal anthem by Mayhem? Yep, only it’s much, much worse. Hearing Dead’s lyrics sung by Wyrd Visions and Jennifer Castle was like watching a 2-year-old attempt to draw the “Mona Lisa” with a dull turd-crayon: a masterpiece reduced to something so shittily god-awful, I literally had a bad day after hearing it. Without “Freezing Moon,” it might have been an alright album. All I can say is, “Oh no, you di’nint!” –Alex Coulombe